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Commercial Recycling

CWM offers total waste solutions to 1000’s of business within south west wales, from a wide range of sectors, such as:

  • Hospitality industry for businesses like restaurants, pubs, café, hotels, festivals & events…. Perfect for our dedicated food & glass collection service.
  • Construction & industrial, building sites, builders merchants, tool hire companies, heavy plant, manufacturers, factories etc…. We have a range of disposal vehicles are flexible and heavy duty enough to meet the needs of the construction sector.
  • Business & retail sector, such as Office, Solicitors, call centres, dentists, doctors, shops, supermarkets & warehouses. Waste solutions tailored to your business, beginning with a free consultation to analyse your needs and provide you with an efficient supportive and cost effective service.
  • Public sector hospital, universities, school & colleges, where we provide an exclusive site wide recycling and waste plan effective for your site users.

Our Service Range Includes:

Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)

We have a simple and efficient system for your business to dispose of your clean recyclable waste.

  • Complies with all regulations
  • Reduces Environmental impact
  • Reduces your waste costs
  • Simple for your staff

Possible containers: Enclosed skips, containers, compacters & wheelie Bin Sizes:240 Litre / 360 Litre / 660 Litre / 1100 Litre

What can go in your DMR waste?

Paper waste, newspapers, office paper and magazines
Cardboard corrugated & cereal type boxes
Metal drinks cans and food tins
Plastic packaging rinsed out drinks & milk bottles, food trays & tubs

What is not allowed?

Waxed paper cups (takeaway cups)
Crisp packets and sweet wrappers
Food and canteen waste
Glass and ceramics
Textiles or lengths of strapping
Hard and rigid plastics
Containers with any residue of food or hazardous material like paint or bleach.

General Waste

CWM act responsibly and comply with the waste hierarchy. All waste collected in a general bin is disposed of at CWM’s Black MRF Facility, this undergoes a further segregation process to extract as much further recyclable material as possible. All residual material is processed into energy from waste.

Possible containers: Skips (open & Enclosed), containers & Wheelie Bin Sizes: 240 Litre / 360 Litre / 660 Litre / 1100 Litre

What is not allowed?

Cardboard and Paper

Food Waste

We can collect your food waste via a dedicated collection and instead of just disposing of it at landfill, we turn it into our famous Merlin’s Magic Compost! By doing this we can help you control, and potentially reduce your waste costs and convert your waste into an environmentally friendly product.

Possible Containers: Bin Sizes: 240 Litre

What can go in the food bin?
Uneaten food from plates
Tea and Coffee Grounds
Cheese and Eggs
Bread and Pastries
Processed Meat and Fish
Fruit and Vegetables

What's not allowed?

Packaging of any sort
Plastic bags
Cardboard and Paper
Oils and Liquids
Raw Meat & Fish

Glass Waste

We have a dedicated glass collection, for all glass types*, this is a mixed glass stream which means you don’t have to separate it.

Possible Containers: Open Skip & Wheelie Bin Sizes: 240 Litre / 360 Litre / 660 Litre

What can go in the glass bin?
Glass Bottles
Glass Jars
Broken Glass (Not Plate Glass)

*Extra fees for plate glass apply

What is not allowed?

Light Bulbs
Plate Glass

Hard Core & Construction Waste

We can provide segregated collection services for soil, stones, hard core, metal, wood, green waste, plasterboard and mixed construction, please contact us for more details: 01267 225520


Hazardous Waste

We can provide Hazardous waste collection services depending on your requirements, please contact us for more details: 01267 225520

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