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Site History

The existing landfill site (Phase 2 and 3) has been operational since 1997. Prior to that, Phase 1 which adjoins but is physically separate from Phase 2 was operated by the local authorities. Phase 1 is now under aftercare and restoration.

Design Principle

The site comprises seven landfill cells, and each one has been designed on the basis of engineered containment. Ground and surface water is protected against contamination by the provision of a composite geomembrane / mineral liner placed on to a contoured landform.


The landfill site will be restored progressively to agricultural land using a composite geomembrane / drainage layer with a further subsoil and topsoil capping layer which will have the dual effect of controlling leachate volumes and restoring the usefulness of the land for stock grazing.


During the operational life of the site the arising leachate is collected from the wastes by a series of gravity drains that transport the leachate to on-site leachate lagoon.  All leachate produced on-site is transported to an off-site leachate treatment facility.

Site Inputs

The site is authorised to accept a maximum of 150,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste per annum.  All vehicles depositing waste must report to the weighbridge in the first instance.


Nantycaws Landfill Site has ample void capacity and is able to offer extremely competitive rates for all non-hazardous and inert wastes. We welcome all inquiries and are able to cater for all waste disposal requirements.

CWM fully understands and supports through ancillary activities the progressive statutory and regional initiatives to reduce, recycle, reuse and pre-treat municipal, commercial and industrial wastes. However, it is envisaged that there will always remain a regional need to cater for the landfilling of this diminishing final fraction. The Company’s objective is to ensure the provision of a professionally managed facility to cater for its customers’ needs.

We have developed a site infrastructure using ‘entry’ and ‘exit’ weighbridges which allows for swift disposal turnaround time.

Total Waste Management

Nant y Caws Landfill Carmarthenshire

Landfill Facilities

Landfill Gas Energy

Landfill Gas

  • Inactive Waste 20%
  • General Waste 80%


The site maintains and implements an emissions monitoring programme which ensures that emissions are monitored from specified points, for parameters listed in and to the frequencies and methods described in the site ‘Permit’. All monitoring data is reported back to Natural Resources Wales.

Landfill Tax

It’s designed to encourage all of us to reduce the amount of waste we produce and to look at alternative ways to recycle, reuse and recover and manage our waste.

Landfill Tax is applicable to all disposers of waste at landfill. VAT is charged on the full waste disposal fee, inclusive of the landfill tax.

There are two rates of tax:

  • Lower Rate – £2.60 per tonne in 2015/2016 for inactive waste, e.g. soil and stone.  Tax increases on 1stApril each year.
  • Higher rate – £84.40 per tonne in 2016/17 for active waste, e.g. general waste.

Landfill Tax increases on 1st April each year.