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Our Fleet

CWM Environmental’s Transport Department has grown over the years and is large enough to cater from small domestic customer to large civic amenity sites.  Our fleet  is always on the go, daily collecting materials and waste from our own HWRC’s, Transfer Stations as well as our commercial customers.

We have the ability to collect a variety of waste types in our vehicles including waste water and sewage, our courteous & competent drivers have vast knowledge of carrying different types of waste and recyclable materials and hold all the relevant licenses and qualifications to carry dangerous goods and of course we hold a Waste Carriers License issued by Natural Resources Wales.

We’re also dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining an efficient service for our customers, to monitor this our vehicles are fitted with on-board telematics that promote safety and fuel efficiency and all of our drivers are additionally qualified with the SAFED ( Safe and efficient driving) scheme.


Walking Floor trailers
External Length 13.70m
External Width 2.5m
External Height 4.45m
Capacity 130yd3 / 99.4m3
Uses bulk loose loads

32t Hook loaders
External Length 9.3m
External Width 2.95m
External Height 3.55-4.5m
Capacity  20-55yrd cubed
large industrial & commercial waste such as factories, bulk items, hard-core, etc… both open and enclosed containers available

26t Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV)
External Length 9.45 m
External Width 2.68m
External Height 3.38m
Capacity  26t
For the counties business waste needs.

Vacuum Tankers
External Length 11m
External Width 2.9m
External Height 3.84m
Capacity  6000g
For liquid loads up to 6000 gallons perfect for customers such as camp sites.

Curtain Sider Trailers
Overall Length 13.8m
Overall Width 2.25m
Overall Height 4.3m
Door Height 2.7m
Uses palletised loads.

Ejector Trailers
External Length 16.28 – 16.84m
External Width 2.55m
External Height 4.4m
Capacity  21t
For bulk loose loads general, green, wood waste etc

Bulk Tippers
External Length 14.5m
External Width 2.75m
External Height 4.17m
Uses  For bulk loose loads general, green, wood waste etc

18t Chain lift Skip loader
External Length 7.25m
External Width 2.95m
External Height 3.2m
Capacity  18t
Heavy waste such as earth and hard-core

18t Vacuum Tankers
External combination Length 7m
External Width 2.95m
External Height 3.15m
Capacity 1000 gallons
Unblocking drains, emptying septic tanks for domestic properties

7.5t Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV)
External Length 6.7m
External Width 2.01m
External Height 2.68m
Uses  for the counties business waste needs including food waste

7.5t Chain lift Skip loader
External Length 5.57m
External Width 2.7m
External Height 2.95m
Domestic and light commercial

Transit tipper vans
External Length 6m
External Width 2.4m
External Height 3.05m
Compost delivery

Transit vans with Tail lifts
External Length 6m
External Width 2.4m
External Height 3.05m
 Capacity  7.5t
Small business and domestic jobs, electrical appliance removal

Light Goods Vehicles
External Length various
External Width various
External Height various