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Bags of our locally produced Merlin’s Magic Compost can be collected from any of our Household Waste & Recycling Centres in the county. Now also available in Organic!

Merlin’s Magic Original Compost £2.50/bag

40 Litre 10mm screened
(PAS 100)

Gives plants needed nutrition, promotes greener healthier leaves &  bright vigorous blooms. Helps develop a stronger root system for increased health. Perfect for a top dressing on lawns, flower beds borders & baskets

Merlin’s Magic Original Compost (Bulk Orders) 
25mm screened - £20.00 Tonne ‘excluding VAT’ 
10mm screened - £35.00 Tonne ‘excluding VAT’ 


Merlin’s Magic Green Organic Compost £2.50/bag

40 Litre 10mm screened
(PAS 100 & Welsh Organic Scheme)

Used as a soil conditioner, adds organic matter, improves the structure and drainage, promotes growth and brightens blooms. Contains, nitrogen for greener leaves, phosphate for strong root development, potassium for healthy fruits and blooms, trace elements for plant vigour.

Merlin’s Magic Green Organic Compost (Bulk Orders)
25mm screened  £20.00 Tonne ‘excluding VAT’ 
10mm screened  £35.00 Tonne ‘excluding VAT’ 

Bulk/Loose can be collected from Nant Y Caws Composting Facility where your suitable vehicle/trailer will be loaded and weighed.
Opening time for bulk collection: Monday to Friday 08.30 to 15.30. Llanddarog Road, Nantycaws, Carmarthenshire SA32 8BG

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