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Green Waste

All of the green waste collected at our HHWR Centre’s is transported and delivered to a central point at our Compost Facility. Each year we receive about 24,000 tonnes of green waste for processing

Food Waste

Food waste is collected by CCC at the kerbside via split bodied vehicles and deposited directly at the Reception Area at the Composting Facility. The Composting Facility processed 7,800 tonnes of food waste and is part of the overall waste strategy in line with European Directives to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste that is going to landfill.


Food waste is blended in with the green waste during the shredding process. The main purpose of shredding is to convert the material into the optimum regulated size for ABPR composting.

Stage One

Approximately 250 tonne batches of mixed material (Green 60%, Food 40%) is loaded into an enclosed vessel. The atmosphere in the Vessel is controlled i.e. oxygen and carbon dioxide level in order to generate optimum compost conditions. The batch temperature at all locations is held above 60 degrees centigrade for 48 hours to ensure that it complies with the Animal Bi-Product related legislation.

Stage Two

The material is transferred by unloading and loading into a second vessel to continue the processing stages.

Stage Three

The doors are opened and transferred by tractor and trailer to an open air Maturation area.


Here the treated material is laid out in long windrows of about 60 to 90 metres where it matures. It is essential that during this part of the process all material is turned to ensure air circulation and uniformed maturation.


Once the batch of compost has fully matured it is fed through a Screener to produce a product of uniformed size (25mm or 10mm depending on user requirement).


The majority of 10mm material is bagged to make it easier for consumer use. Your garden and food waste has now undergone a process allowing you to reuse it as a composting material thus completing a recycling ‘loop’.

The end result is...

Merlins Magic Compost

Merlin’s Magic Compost

Locally produced, available for collection at all of our Household centers – Now also available in Organic!

Merlin’s Magic Original Compost           
Merlin’s Magic Green Organic Compost


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